age scotland

I’ve worked with Age Scotland for several years, producing their quarterly magazine, designing publications from annual reports to advice booklets, and developing identities and pack materials for specific campaigns. I do a lot of illustration as part of the process.

read the: eat well guide | housing guide in ISSUU | Age Scotland Christmas 2016 Campaign

Health check poster | series of dementia awareness leaflets

read the: welfare reform guide | annual report | health guide in ISSUU

Research report on community transport (read in ISSUU) | Brand and materials for the Still Waiting campaign for a better bus pass scheme: case studies booklet and poster (using my photography).

Walk in Our Shoes campaign pack which encourages politicians to view the streets from the perspective of someone less agile than themselves | Volunteer Handbook | Hot Tips calendar – all photos except the cover and April are my own (read in ISSUU).

Advantage, Age Scotland’s magazine which I redesigned at the beginning of 2011 and now produce quarterly.