logo for John Muir Birthplace

While designing a new website for John Muir’s Birthplace in Dunbar, I was asked to create a new logo which involved making an illustration of the building. Seen here as the website header with one of my page header illustrations.

Bonny Claith scarf with logo by wylliecatBonny Claith logo by wylliecat

Bonny Claith brand for Cally Booker Hand Weaver (I also made a CBHW brand to sit alongside the BC one

Haddstock Music Festival 16th June 2018

2018 was our second year of Haddstock, a one day music festival in Haddington, East Lothian. See the flyer on issuu. We’re back in 2020 – 30 May. More info in due course…

East Lothian Flower Farm logoHaddington Primary School logo

East Lothian Flower Farm, a local independent flower grower | Haddington Primary School recently merged its two campuses and needed a new whole-school logo. I’m on the parent council so volunteered my services

Moment is Now mindfulness retreat flyer

Moment is Now mindfulness brand, illustration and design including website

Ode to Flora LogoOde to Flora logo design

Ode to Flora, an East Lothian florist

Nevis Ensemble, Scotland's street orchestra

Nevis Ensemble, Scotland’s Street Orchestra, asked me to create their brand. The landscape is an image I made for publicity, with the line version of the logo superimposed.

This Family Got Soul logo for Love Musicknit two together brand designLoch Torridon Community Centre logo

This Family Got Soul – a new project for Love Music Productions | Knit 2 Together project for Stellar Quines theatre group | Loch Torridon Community Centre

Wheels on DebussyPeople's Parish LogoWarm and Well logo

Wheels on Debussy brand, illustration and design | People’s Parish for David Francis | Warm and Well project logo for Age Scotland

Da Hooley Ceilidh Band – the brief consisted of a couple of sketches the band liked of dancers, so I found a way to represent ceilidh dancing with a simple sketch line | East Lothian Partnership Against Rural Crime for East Lothian Council | Loving Food for East Lothian Council

PUNKIT, a percussion project for Love Music Productions | Scottish Music Therapy Trust brand and web design

Lead a Bright Future logoNurture It logoScottish International Flute School logo

Lead a Bright Future, a social enterprise working mostly with teens. I’ve also worked with many of the students to create their project brands | Nurture It recruitment training | Scottish International Flute Summer School

No 1 Chocolate Factory in Charing Cross, Glasgow, was a gorgeous cafe with handmade chocolates and workshops (sadly no longer there). I designed the logo and created some characters to strengthen the brand. I designed external and internal signage for the building, as well as print materials and the website.

edinburgh canal festival brand design

Edinburgh Canal Festival: brand & illustration; annual print and web design

Love Music Community Choir: brand design (as well as print and web) for a new, ambitious, choir in Edinburgh